How to Draw Scene Girls


Firstly, some information about the scene girls (You can read about them more in my "How to draw scene clothes" and "How to draw scene hairs" tutorial). These things: -They are always young, thin teens -They can mix their clothes style -Their outf   


Now, you can see three personality type from the scene girls, now you can see, that if you want to draw a scene character, what she needs to wear, that you can see her personality from her outfit too. The three type is the "Miss Beauty" who have more   


Here some poses for the scene girls, they are more looks like poses for the camera. They are have pretty and girly poses.


If you search on the google after picture about scene girls, you will find a lot of mobil camera photos (or just see the Facebook profiles), so I think, it would be maybe a little help, if you want a girl in that special pose. Special, because the pe   


Let's start the "How to draw scene girl" part! Now, start to draw the base lines. This is helpful, that you can draw the base form of the figure's anatomy.


Draw the shape of her face and starting the front hair line.


Now, draw the eyes' base form!


The next step is the base form of the nose, and the mouth.


And now, draw the eyebrows, and the iris of the eyes part too!


Okay, now, finish the nose, and finish the mouth too, you don't need to work more on them.


Finish the eyes with the pupils, and under the nose draw a little line too.


Now, we are here, we finished te face part, so draw the base form of the hair!


Draw the little lines of the hair, and the hairshape, and draw the base form of the ribbon!


Now, okay, you can finish the head part of the drawing, so finish the ribbon's skull design, and draw some piercing on her face!


Okay, now, you can draw the base form of the body shape, and the clothes base lines too.


Now, you can draw the clothes' lines, and the lines of fingers, and other body parts' lines too.


Draw the extras' base lines, and form, this is the last part of the drawing.


And the last step of the drawing, finish the extra's part, draw the details, and the little lines!


You are done! Now go, and color her, as you want. I really enjoy to draw this tutorial, I hope, you like it too. Great work, guys!

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March 10, 2012

Description: Welcome to the tutorial to draw scene girls! You can find a lot of tips about the the scene girls, poses, drawing with a lot of interesting thing, information too. I had fun creating this lesson and be sure to show me how you did!

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