How to Draw a Sexy Tattoo, Tattoo Girl

Artist: Dawn / February 23, 2017

Step 1.

Let's first begin with the guidelines for this figure. It's best to start with guidelines instead of jumping right into a drawing. The line of motion in the middle will guide the action of the figure, making it appear more alive than a static pose. I   

Step 2.

Then, we'll start sketching the outer face shape for the figure of this girl. It's best to start with the left side of the face which molds most of the facials, then work your way around to the overlaying hairline.

Step 3.

Next, we'll work on the facials. Start with the eyes first, and then the nose and mouth. The nose shouldn't be too high upwards to the nose, or she'll look clef lipped. Try to keep the distance between the facials as even as possible.

Step 4.

Ok, this part might be tricky, and to be quite honest, drawing hair can be a tedious task. We'll first start with the left stump of hair, tackling the outlines first. You don't want to start detailing one side of a head, having the outlining areas fo   

Step 5.

Starting slowly with the body, we'll draw the overlapping arm which directs towards to viewers more than the rest of the body. The arm should have a nice plump edge to the shoulder, and work in subtle curves to form the forearm and hand.

Step 6.

Finish off the arm by sketching the back of the palm and thumb. Try to keep them in equal lengths within the fingers individually.

Step 7.

Ok, take a deep breath, and evaluate where to start from this. We must first draw the breast and cloth covering it. We don't want to excite our viewers with naked nipples and butt-cracks. Let's keep it clean ;) Once you've done that, work on the leg    

Step 8.

Lastly, add the rest of the light details, using very thin lines. You don't want to overcrowd your drawing with lots of thick lines, and no variety. Keep it clean and simple.

Step 9.

With further work on your lineart, proportions, you should have a result similar to this. Try to vary the lines and use a brush pen or micron pen for the inks. I hope you've enjoyed the lessons, folks, peace out and take care!

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Otay guys, after the livestream I had with the angel cross tattoo, I decided to further my workload and sketch up a girl squatting. My mother gave me an awesome idea to have this girl in front of a pole and on a stage to preform a strip dance. Yes, I know, a bit provocative, but lots of people who visit DragoArt are not all tween girls, but indeed males of a lengthy age. In this tutorial, I will break down the figure into basic steps on “how to draw a sexy girl tattoo”, step by step. I had LOTS of fun with the shading and highlighting process. The face took a while to work on, especially with the aid of my mother, who made the process lighter in time. I believe I spent more than I should have on this, with the coloring mostly. I hope that most of you will get a kick out of this tutorial, because I had the most intense fun working on the pose and coloring job. I plan to do more female pin up figures in the style, so be on the lookout! Peace and love guys, don't stop drawing, and keep updated :)