How to draw an anime girl holding a riot gun

Artist: MAN9A / April 1, 2012

Step 1.

Draw the body parts: arms, legs, torso, head. And draw the beginning shapes of the rifle/gun.

Step 2.

Start to draw the forehead, chin and fingers. Make sure that the space between the thumb and index finger is curved to make the handle (I don't know what its called someone please tell me in the comments below!) look smooth and curved.

Step 3.

Now start to draw the clothing: vest, skirt and top of boots. Draw in the nose and mouth. Don't draw in the ear because the hair will cover it.

Step 4.

Draw in the cuff of her gloves, her boots and add detail to the gun. Draw a curving line to show where her ponytail is going to be. Draw in her facial features: eyes , eyebrows and mouth. (You cant see it that well ("-.-) I haven't mastered the scann   

Step 5.

Draw in her fringe and ponytail. Draw in loose layers to fill in the gap (where her ear is meant to be) add some detail to her boots, gun and top.

Step 6.

Ink your outcome, add extra details like creases in the clothing and boots

Step 7.

This is a colour suggestion. I used promarker's which you can buy from hobby-craft(there damn expensive but have a good finish)

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Artist: MAN9A
Date Added: April 1, 2012
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Description: Here's my second tutorial... I think it's called a riot gun, I'm not brilliant with guns...Lets Start.