How to Draw Salvador Dali, Salvador Dali Caricature

Artist: ajcartoons / April 6, 2013

Step 1.

The first step is to always study who you want to caricature. This is a very, very important task. Without knowing the person's certain features for caricature, is like writing a story without an idea. So let's take a look here at Salvador Dali. The    

Step 2.

Here I sort of mapped out some features to follow. One is the flow of his face. Watch how certain lines flow with the face. This will give you a good picture on how to draw the face shape. It almost allows you to find the shapes that make up his head   

Step 3.

Since we got everything mapped out and a good understanding on what to exaggerate. Let's start! Here, I draw a very, very, fast sketch of my idea on the caricature. I want to keep the sketch as loose as possible. This process shouldn't take longer    

Step 4.

I start out with the nose here because it helps map out the middle proportion of the face. I start with the bridge of the nose and then work my way down. Always think shapes while drawing the nose and pay more attention to the bridge and the apex ( r   

Step 5.

I really exaggerate the eyes here. Remember earlier when I told you it almost looked like his eyes were popping out of his sockets, well that is how I drew it. Always pay attention to the reference photo you are using. Another thing about his eyes is   

Step 6.

I start with his eyebrows next. Look at the reference photo to see the direction the eyebrows are moving. You can also see how some strands of hair are not following the same pattern. I always start the pattern closes to the nose and then work my way   

Step 7.

Its mouth/mustache time! You remember earlier when I told you about the distance between the nose and mouth? Well, here is what I was talking about. I really pulled the mouth away from the nose here. You can also see that I simplified the direction o   

Step 8.

So this is what I meant by the " flow" of the face. This will help you establish a good understanding on the direction the chin will move. Pay attention to the reference again and see how the chin swoops down and the back up in the middle then back d   

Step 9.

Same thing here, like drawing the chin. Pay attention to the flow of direction the face is moving. I usually start towards the chin and swoop the line, in the direction the flow is moving, up towards the eyes. I always go bottom to up at the stage. A   

Step 10.

Always start with the outside of the ear first. Never work in the ear and out, it wont work. Find the flow of the ear ( which will also help on the shape) and you can work in the ear. When I draw inside the ear I follow from top to bottom. That is A   

Step 11.

" AJ, how in the Sam Heck am I suppose to draw hair?" I couldn't tell you enough I hear this question. I even sometimes see starting-out artists avoiding the hair at all cost because it is so intimidating to them. Let me help you. Always break the ha   

Step 12.

I add the iris to the eye here. I use highlights to make the eye look glossy.

Step 13.

I add a small portion to his body. It can be tricky to find where the neck should come out of the head sometimes. But try to use your mind on where it should go. I usually always place a shadow towards the upper part of the neck to give the neck a li   

Step 14.

And thats the whole kit and kaboodle! Remember to check me out on youtube: Email me for any questions at: And also become a fan on facebook: And remember, don;t s   

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