How to Draw Jenna Marbles, Jenna Marbles Caricature


So we are going to draw famous youtuber, Jenna Marbles. The first thing we have to do is look at a couple reference pictures of her, so we can understand the features and proportions of her face. Every face has different features and it is up to cari   


Next, I drew an quick structure of how I want the caricature. This process should only take less than a minute or two. Remember the quicker you draw, the better your image in your head goes onto the paper. At this point I am not looking at the refere   


I start with the eyes. Look back up at the reference of Jenna and you can almost see the shape of her eyes. Her eyes are very angular, so I exaggerated that. Also she seems to always be wearing a lot of make up around her eyes, so I also exaggerated    


Now, typically I start with the nose because it helps me establish a good proportion of the middle of the face. But I left that part out for this because her eyes really seemed to call to me. Her nose is tiny, so I exaggerated that. Exaggeration does   


Now I start with the top portion of her mouth. It's always easier to look at the mouth as one portion while sketching, but when you finally draw it, think of it as two sections; like it is.


I focus on her expression and add her mouth opened. Remember to try proportion the mouth correctly or else everything will look fuzzy. That goes for outside the mouth and in the mouth.


A good way to help decide were to place the chin is to look back up at the reference. And follow the flow of the face. You can see here how the lines from the wings of her nose go out and then go back in towards the mouth. This will give you a good p   


This part you need to find the shape of the face. OF course the sketch helps but when you draw always pay attention to the reference. Find how the jaw flows up towards the ears. Also I cut off a portion off the jaw, eyes, and eyebrows to allow the ha   


Always cut the hair down in to portions. Never think that you need to draw each strand of hair because the drawing will come out looking like spaghetti is on their head.Also, pay attention to the flow of the hair. How it falls off the head.


At this part I am just basically designing the hair. Using my brain to the best of my ability to map out which direction the hair will move.


At this part I am just moving my eyes around the drawing to touch it up. Adding more detail to the hair, mouth, nose, etc. I also add her exaggerated neck and torso.


Now I add the inner section of the eyes. The only reason why I do this last is because of Tom Richmond. I still don't have a clue why I copy him with this, but it's what I do. I made her cross-eyed because it made her look a little bit more goofy an   


Here I color the caricature. One thing that will help you on this is adding a light source on the drawing so you can tell which parts need to be in shadow and which sections need to be lighter. Take a look at references to help you with this part if    


And that's it, folks. Remember if you want to improve, you need to draw and sketch as much as possible. You will never get better at anything just sitting around. Think of learning to draw as an exercise. You need to work out to gain more muscle. Sam   

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March 25, 2013

Description: This is a brief lesson on how to draw caricature while drawing the famous Youtuber, Jenna Marbles.

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