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How To Draw Jimmy Page, Jimmy Page

Artist: MichaelY / March 16, 2013
How To Draw Jimmy Page, Jimmy Page

Step 1.

To draw Jimmy Page, we should first lay down some basic construction guide lines. Using a 2H or harder pencil, sketch out a basic stick figure shape as seen here. The left art should be raised, since he will be playing the guitar. Draw very lightly s   

Step 2.

Next, it would be a good idea to roughly sketch in guides lines for the guitar. The body of the guitar should rest beneath the right hand, and the neck should pass through the left hand so that the end is even with Jimmy's head. Again, this is just a   

Step 3.

It's important to first draw the basic human shape before we start drawing the face, hair, or clothing. using your existing guide lines as a reference, sketch out a more refined head shape with marks for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Work your way down    

Step 4.

Now we can draw the arms and basic shapes of the hands. Because of the angle of the right arm, the forearm will hardly be visible due to foreshortening. The left arms is bent upwards, holding the neck of the guitar. Notice how the basic shapes of the   

Step 5.

All our guide lines are in place and we can begin working on details of the figure. Let's start with the face. Most of the face will be covered up by hair, so we don't need to draw everything. It's best to start with the nose, which has a bump along    

Step 6.

Jimmy has wild, frizzy hair. It should cover part of his face. Rather than drawing every strand of hair, simply draw the outline of the hair with quick, almost sporadic marks. Add a multitude of sporadic marks inside the outline of the hair. It's bes   

Step 7.

The guitar can be rather tricky and requires some patience. Start by drawing the neck of the guitar, and make it longer at the bottom so we can clearly see where the body should be mounted. The head of the guitar should be tilted a bit.

Step 8.

The body of the guitar has a teardrop shape with two humps at the top that scoop down into the neck of the guitar. Use the extended lines from the neck as a guide for how wide each side of the guitar should be - they should be even. Be sure to make t   

Step 9.

Add more detail to the guitar such as a decorative plate which holds knobs and switches. Draw the strings up the neck , the frets (the little horizontal lines along the neck), and the tuning pegs on the head which the strings attach to.

Step 10.

We should then draw the hands. The fingers of the left hand should be wrapped around the neck of the guitar, with at least one finger pointing in a slightly different direction than the rest. The right hand should be holding a small guitar pick again   

Step 11.

Let's now draw the arms which should be wrapped in a tight jacket. Make the clothing very form fitting with a series of thin wrinkles.

Step 12.

Draw the rest of the jacket, which should be open, exposing his bare chest (he's a rock star, after all!). Let the jacket hang loosely off the torso. You can also give him a necklace.

Step 13.

Jimmy Page was known for wearing large, high wasted pants that often featured Chinese dragons. Have fun drawing the dragon, and draw it however you wish.

Step 14.

Now that we are done penciling the image, ink over it using a brush and ink or Micron markers. Be careful not to ink any guide lines or pencil mistakes. After the ink is dry, erase your pencil marks with a kneaded eraser.

Step 15.

Add shadow to the image using a brush and ink or a fat, felt tipped marker. Since light comes from all directions on a stage, you may work with as many lighting sources as you'd like.

Step 16.

To finish up the image, you may want to use white ink or opaque white paint to make any needed corrections, or to add detail to the hair. It's also a good idea to put a tiny white dot on the pupil of the eye - this brings the figure to life! And that   

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