How to Draw Josh Ramsay, Josh Ramsay, Josh Ramsay Caricature


First step. Study the guy that you want to caricature. Look out for key features that can help you exaggerate. Of course look at a couple more reference pictures to aide you because different pictures will allow you to see different features. For exa   


Here I do a quick sketch. Just to get my idea down. Try to get your idea down as quick as possible.


I remember my idea sketch and start by drawing his eyes. I look at the reference from time to time to help me find the flow of his eyes. One thing I noticed to help finding the shape of anyones eyes is to block out the iris and pupil. Just imagine t   


Now I use a different color for the lines now. It gives the caricature more of a cartoony feel. I still take in mind on how his nose is shaped. You can see in the reference picture, he has a bulb in the middle of his nose. I also exaggerate the lengt   


Here I draw his little smirk. His lips hang quite low from his nose so I pushed his lips down a bit more for exaggeration.


Here I just concentrate on his chin. Using anatomy will help. Always picture there is a line flowing down from the wings of his nose to the corner of his chin. This will help you find out where to properly place the chin.


Here I add his jaw and cheek bones. I exaggerated the length of his face here.


Here I draw his ears. When I look at the reference picture, I find the flow on the outside part of his ear. Then I work my way inside. Always work outside to in for ears. This gives you the sense of shape of the ear. I also add in his thick eyebrows    


Here I block in his hair. I dont pay to much attention to color but just the overall shape of his hair. Because later I can add his blue highlights in the coloring stage.


I add his iris and pupil now. Always alternating at this part. I start with the pupil on the left side and the move over to the right eye. Then do the same for the iris that circles around the pupil. Alternation will help you have things level and co   


I add the upper part of his body to make sure that the head isn't just floating in space. I also change the color of the line for this part.


When I color this I use the lightest skin tone I can possible then get darker with a tone for the shadows. With the different colors of lines and the color filling the face, it just gives the caricature a great cartoony look. You can also see that I    

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May 13, 2013

Description: Learn how to draw a caricature of Josh Ramsay

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