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How to Draw Roses For Kids

Artist: griftercash / October 30, 2011
How to Draw Roses For Kids

Step 1.

Draw a circle to show where will be the bud and a line to show where will be the stem.

Step 2.

Since this rose came from wanting to draw something with the first letter of my first and last name, draw a Y shape.

Step 3.

From the Y shape you can draw the first two petals.

Step 4.

In the Y shape, draw the M shape and try not to go higher than than the first 2 petals. Continue the bottom line of the M shape and that makes 2 small petals.

Step 5.

In the M shape draw 2diagonal lines and a top line or a curved line. That will show that there are more petals inside the rose.

Step 6.

To complete the rose bud, draw a weird U shape that starts and finishes under the M shape and make sure to connect with the biggest petal.

Step 7.

Draw the stem by following the guide line you made at the beginning. If you want you can make one line longer than the other to finish the stem with a diagonal line. That will the rose look freshly cut.

Step 8.

Go over your lines and erase the guide lines you made and you should have something that looks like this as a result.

Step 9.

You can also add thorns if you want it with thorns. When drawing thorns, make sure to draw them with the spikes going up. All the thorns of a real rose always point up.

Step 10.

To make the rose look tribal, the first step is to erase a bit of each line that touches another part of the rose.

Step 11.

Then close each parts with a line to make individual separated parts and the result is this simple tribal rose. Afterwards You can also experiment and go crazy with the rose. I drew a whole bunch of tribal roses and celtic roses in my artwork if you    

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Artist: griftercash
Date Added: October 30, 2011
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Tags: how to draw roses, how to draw rose
Description: I wanted to do this tutorial for a while now. I draw these rose from when I was 10years old, I had the idea of drawing something with the first letter of my first and last name and I came up with with a flower. Since then I drew these roses in a lot of different ways and here are 3 of those ways.