How to Draw a Heart Rose, Rose Heart

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Make a simple circle for the heart, and then add one guide.


Begin drawing out the first shapes for the inner petals. Start by making the middle shape and then from there, draw in the two other petals.


Draw the center swirl like so, and then add some indent detailing as well.


The two petals you will draw now is actually the shapes of each arched side of the hearts shape.


Draw in the rest of the heart's shape like so, and then sketch in the rest of the roses petals. Erase your mistakes like so, and let's see how your heart rose came out.


When you are done with cleaning up the drawing, you have a nice clean drawing like you see here. Color in your heart any rose color shade you love.

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November 19, 2011

Description: Hey guys, here's another tutorial that ya'll will be very interested in. I was browsing through the dragoart artwork section and found a very nice drawing that Dizzy Duckie has done. It sparked an idea to make a tutorial on “how to draw a rose heart", step by step. Lots of people like to draw roses, especially teens and younger kids. They require skill to draw, so practcing various poses of roses would be better. Try sketching the base of the rose (which is the middle) before you try to tackle random areas of it. Keep an eye on how the proportions flourish as you continue the tutorial. Once you've practiced this tutorial a few times, you should master the steps on drawing a heart rose, enabling you to draw it on your own. I hope you all will enjoy this fun and pretty lesson. It's only a few months away until Valentines Day, so why not use this tutorial for a loved one? Anyways, It's time for me to get moving with other drawing lessons. Thanks so much for viewing and stay tuned for more adventorous drawing tuts! Peace and love.

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