How to Draw a Rose Tattoo


Like some of the roses I submit here on Dragoart, you will begin by making a round shape for the base of the flowers form. Next, draw a vertical line down the middle.


Now you will begin drawing or sketching out the center of the bloom, by drawing a tongue like piece of the pedal like so.


Continue to draw out the wavy lining of the roses pedals like you see here, and if you look closely, the rose as of right now it is in it's simplest form.


The pedals are going to get larger and larger in size as you get further down the bud. Draw two folded pedal lips like so, and then move to step five.


Keep drawing out the layers of the roses pedals like so, and when you get to the back right, draw a separate piece of the rose which will finish off the entire bloom.


Before you get into drawing in the tribal designs for this rose tattoo, you have to first sketch out the four green leafs. Each one should have serrated edges like so, and a dimple line down the middle.


Now you can start drawing out the tribal design or pattern that surrounds your beautiful rose tattoo. Take your time, and make sure you color in the tribal markings as well as clean up the tutorial.


Here is what your design looks like when you are all done. Doesn't this rose look so beautiful. I love the way the completed drawing looks like. Color it in and that's it!

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September 3, 2017

Description: I’m not going to sit here and go into a deep description on this next lesson because I already submitted a video tutorial on it the other day. For my next submission I will be teaching you "how to draw a rose tattoo", step by step. Out of all the tattoos I have done on Dragoart, this is definitely one of my favorite of the flower tattoos. I think it’s because the flower happens to be a rose, and the background is black with grayed out tribal lines or markings. This would definitely make an awesome tattoo on a female body part like the shoulders, back, wrist, ankle, or even somewhere on the breasts. Anyways, this should be a cool lesson to follow because as you know step by step tutorials are sometimes easier to replicate than the video tutorials. I guess that’s it, let me know what you think after you have finished your drawing that you made just by following this submission on "how to draw a rose tattoo". If you’re like me you should love making this tattoo especially if you are fond of roses or flowers in general. Adios people, and have fun!

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