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How to Draw Roses

Artist: BlackRose / February 26, 2011
How to Draw Roses

Step 1.

OKay lets begin! start off with 2 circles for the base of the rose. Then add lines coming down from each for the stems.

Step 2.

Now add the basic lines for the petals and the half open rose.

Step 3.

For the half open rose (one on the left) finish the petals and add a swirl at the top for the center of the rose. For the Open rose (the one on the right) add more petals and a part oval in the center. Also erase the part of the base circle you don't   

Step 4.

Add little leaves under the half-open rose. Then add a larg open petal under the open rose(this will give it the open look), also add a curvy line coming down from the center oval. Now draw a leaf on the stem.

Step 5.

Draw a little petal sticking out the side on the half-open rose. Now add some more petals on the open rose, and add a swirl in the center oval.

Step 6.

Now time to draw a bud growing out of the side of the open rose. start with the stem, then the 3 little leaves which are "huging" the bud, now draw the bud.

Step 7.

--close-up picture --

Step 8.

Details!!! okay, now add some little details on the center of the half-open rose. Add some jagged ridges to the leaf. Draw some grass at the bottom, but not to much or it'll turn out to look like a moustache.

Step 9.

--close-up picture--

Step 10.

Last Step! Draw thorns on all the stems.

Step 11.

Start shading away!

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Artist: BlackRose
Date Added: February 26, 2011
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Tags: how to draw a rose, how to draw roses
Description: 2nd Tutorial! yay! this is one on how to draw roses!