How to Draw a Hand Reaching For a Rose


For the first step just draw an oval, with a curved line extending out of the bottom. To the right of that, draw the outline of the hand.


For this one, finish drawing the main part of the rose and add the other half of the stem. On the hand just add onto the outline, forming the thumb and forefinger.


Draw the rest of the fingers coming out from behind the thumb and forefinger. Add the thorns to the stem of the rose, and put petals falling down from it.


Now just erase the lines that aren't needed, and darken it if you need to. And you're done! :) I hope you liked the tut!

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February 29, 2012

Description: I was just flipping through my art notebook, and came across this one I drew a while ago. I didn't know what else to do a tutorial on... so I decided on this one. It took me forever to make up, so I hope everyone likes it!! Thanks!!

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