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how to draw a HummingBird

Artist: BlackRose / February 25, 2011
how to draw a HummingBird

Step 1.

OKay! Let's begin. I didn't start it with basic shapes,sorry. I just went with lines. ok, start out with these curvey lines for part of the head, wings, and body. If you don't like the lines you came out with, that's okay we'll fix that later,    

Step 2.

Now complete the lines for the wing and the body.

Step 3.

Add a triangle beak and square-ish tail shapes.

Step 4.

Draw a line across the head, then add a oval on the line for the eye. Draw a part triangle for the other wing.

Step 5.

Curve the beak out a little. then add the lines for the feet.

Step 6.

Add the tail feathers. and now is a good time to change the shape of the body if you don't like yours, like I made mine more slender and rounder head.

Step 7.

Time for wings! Add a curvy line from the base of the wing thining to the top. Now, add some smooth long feathers, rounder smaller ones closer to the base of the wing. Make some fluff on it's side.

Step 8.

Add more feathers and fluff around the wings.

Step 9.

Darken the eye (but leave a white spot), add a nostril. Now add the back wing feathers. Then put some fluff on the belly, back, and around the feet.

Step 10.

Draw detail to the tail.

Step 11.

add shape to the feet, so their not just lines. and add fluff.

Step 12.

shade in the beak and feet. add two patches of fluffy feathers together. (which are 2 diffrent colors,if colored)

Step 13.

Erase all unneeded lines and add some more detail like more fluff. Done!! now shade to your likeing to give it a 3D or realastic effect!

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Artist: BlackRose
Date Added: February 25, 2011
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Tags: how to draw a bird, draw bird, hummingbird, how to draw humming bird, draw hummingbird, how to draw bird, how to draw a hummingbird
Description: okay this is my first tutorail! so please leave feed back! How to draw a Hummingbird! A very detailed tutorial. I was board at home and I saw a humming bird so I drew a cute fluffy one without even looking at a pic. of a humming bird!