How to Draw Riding Hood and the Wolf


You will first start by drawing the guides for the two figures in this lesson. Make the head guides and then draw the torso guide for Riding Hood. Sketch in the facial guidelines and move to step two.


In this second step all you have to do is sketch out the outlined shape of Riding Hood's hood that is part of her cloak. She is always wearing her hood on her head so make sure to get this step right. Draw the knot in the center, then proceed to step   


Now that you have drawn Riding Hood's hood, you can sketch in the shape of her face along with the shape of her neck. Once that is done you can sketch in the bangs then draw some of the hair behind her head and neck.


In this fourth step all you will need to do is add some detailing to her hood, then begin drawing in the face. Use the facial guides to draw the eyes, then draw the thick or bold eyelid lines. Once her eyes are complete you can add some blush marks o   


Okay so Riding Hood's face and head is all drawn in, now all you have to do is sketch out the shapes of her shoulders, then draw in the torso, sleeves, and wrinkles on the clothing. Take your time to draw the clothing so it comes out looking good.


The type of cloak I made from Riding Hood is the kind that is actually worn like a dress. Add the ties which are attached to the knot you made earlier, then sketch in more definition to the clothing along the shoulders, sleeves, chest and body.


It's official, Riding Hood is complete. We will start the drawing process on the wolf next. Begin by sketching out the shape or lining for his snout, then draw in the snarling mouth. The lining for the snout is rugged because these are the crinkles t   


Next, draw in the hairy chin which is in the form of the long coat that this wolf has. When that is done you can draw the sharp teeth for both the top and bottom canines. Add the crinkling on the snout and or nose, then draw in the small eye which is   


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw in the spiked, layered coat which also shapes out the neck and back. The back part of the neck is arched to make a hunched over look. Detail the body texture, then fix anything you messed up on bef   


Here is the finished drawing of Riding Hood and the Wolf. I hope you liked this lesson because I loved making it. Color in your work of art then show folks what you have just done. Of course you can add your own personal tweaks if you want. Great Job   

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November 17, 2013

Description: If you are one of my friends on Facebook you should be familiar with this image because I uploaded it to my profile a few days ago. I meant to submit this lesson yesterday but for some reason it slipped my mind. So here it is now, the lesson on "how to draw Riding Hood and the Wolf", step by step in a cool anime form. As you can see Riding Hood is drawn in anime style, but the wolf is more like a regular comic style. I had so much fun with creating these two epic characters but in doing so it took me a while to finish because of the amount of detail with the character creation. I am going to do a lot more of these types of lessons so I hope you are all ready to draw some seriously cool stuff. For now tackle this lesson and I will be back later with more tuts for you all to enjoy. Peace out and have a good day.

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