How to Draw Fantasy Anime Girl

Artist: One_Condition / October 22, 2011

Step 1.

Step 1 mark out roughly what pose you want character to have

Step 2.

Then proceed to add mass to the body structure

Step 3.

When drawing clothes make sure they follow the body contours and give it a smooth and realist look

Step 4.

When drawing characters from behind make sure you follow the same traits as the frontal view. I.e her hair

Step 5.

Pose from the ground floor looking up at the character

Step 6.

Pose from above. Sometimes characters looking towards the sky/stars. Or maybe searching for a higher power. Hahaha you choose

Step 7.

Frontal view. The width to the left to right of the vertical midline must be the same

Step 8.

Side view. The key is to distance the base of the nose and eyeballs further apart than you would first think. Take into consideration the height of the nose between they eyes.

Step 9.

Slightly below view. The inclination of the eyes is difficult to get right. Make the chin and forehead parallel. Do the same with the eyebrows and eyes

Step 10.

Slight angle from above. key is to place the nose and the mouth close together. Follow the guidelines and you'll be fine

Step 11.

Hopefully this has helped you guys with some positions and face features.

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Artist: One_Condition
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Description: Some tutorial with some basic figure and facial poses