How to Draw Quarantine Lovers

1 Body Guidelines

First, sketch the body guidelines for the two figures.

2 Face Guides

Then, go ahead and draw the gas mask shape for the girl and beak shape for the boy.

3 Boy Clothes

Then, go ahead and draw the cape for the boy figure.

4 Arm and cloak

Next, draw the detailing for the cloak and then the arm holding the wilted dandelion.

5 Boy Mask and Body

Then, go ahead and draw the boy's mask detailing and then the feet and flower petals.

6 Gas Mask Detail

Next, let's draw the girl's gas mask! Start with the eye first and the details aftewards.

7 Hair and Details

Go ahead and draw the hair detailing as well as the mask straps as well.

8 Girl Lower Body

Let's start drawing the lower body for the girl and her hand reaching for the flower.

9 Background

Lastly, fill in the background with whatever you wish! Or you can just draw what I did.

10 Final Line Art

Once you're satisfied with your drawing, you should end up with something like this! Thanks so much for viewing guys!

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April 16, 2020

Description: Here is something that is different and will be loved by many who have loved ones in quarantine but are unable to see one another. Today I have a special treat, how to draw quarantine lovers, step by step. Having to stay isolated from one another can be a very difficult, daunting task and I know there are times where you just want to say screw it, and give in to be with the one you love. But, what you have to keep in mind is that, this way of life will not last forever and instead of risking a "Romeo & Juliet" type of moment, keep in mind that it is better to enjoy life with the one you love, then to get a quick hour or two and risk your chance of falling deeply ill. I for one choose to wait and express my love to whomever I love through other ways like phone calls, facetiming and even maybe walking by my lovers house pulling a Say Anything moment with a boombox raised above my head. Anyways, I hope you love this lesson as much as I do. I will be back with more so stay tuned in.

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