Donald Trump Drawing Lesson


Let's start out by drawing his face shape FIRST and then proceed to drawing the facial features! Draw his lips confined and pursed together to kind of resemble his famous 'pouty lip'. I love the way this guy talks in interviews, it's so amusing, even   


Let's move onto drawing his wicked famous hairstyle. I just draw the top of his ice cream swirly top and then worked my way down to the sideburns.


Next, let's work on the shape of his body and his hands kind of cupped together to give off that 'plotting' look.


Then, draw the quaint collar to finalize his suit.


Using thin lines, sketch in details for his hair to add substance to the overall character.


You will start the drawing process for his desk. This is just a few straight lines on the sides and under his arms.


Then, draw the cup of pencils and the deck of papers on the desk. I drew the papers on the desk fanned out like this to resemble revealed 'cards' from his hand. Cool right?


Then, draw the rubber ducky (the duck was drawn because his hair reminds me of the shape of a rubber ducky, lol). Then use thin lines to draw the details of the papers.


Then, once you're satisfied with the way you've drawn yours, this is how he should have resulted! I hope you guys have enjoyed this tutorial, thanks so much for viewing and stay tuned for more like these!

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October 11, 2020

Description: Yo guys, what about a tutorial on something rather politically incorrect? I've decided to incorporate a bad@$$ president with something a bit 'fiery'. I keep seeing posts on social media stating that Trump will cause a 'World War 3'. I detest those statements and believe he knows exactly what he's doing and plays his card deck very well. After all, he IS a businessman! Anyways, I'd figure I'd pay some tribute to Donald Trump by drawing him as a chibi and adding a nuclear explosion in the back of him as he sits in his presidential office. Leave a comment if you likey!

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