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How to Draw Poppy Flowers Tattoo

Artist: Dawn / July 24, 2020
How to Draw Poppy Flowers Tattoo

Step 1.

Start off with a circle for the blooms and add guidelines inside for the flower.

Step 2.

Start creating the delicate poppy petals like so. Notice how they are wide, large and individualized.

Step 3.

Create some soft texture to the flower bloom with detailing and add another petal.

Step 4.

Create the core or center of the poppy and be sure to sketch in the detailing and definition to it as well.

Step 5.

Lastly, draw in the stem and that watered down swoosh look for texture. Once that is done, you are done. Erase the mistakes and guides.

Step 6.

Color in your poppy flowers before showing off your work.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 24, 2020
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Tags: how to draw flower tattoos, how to draw poppies, how to draw poppy flowers
Description: Okay guys, I have a few flower lessons coming your way and they are all tattoo based designs that I really love. They have this watercolor effect that I love so much and I had so much fun creating the different styles of flowers in tattoo form. I will start with this one on how to draw poppy flowers tattoo, step by step. The poppy flower is by far one of the most overlooked flower species. To me they are absolutely beautiful and have such a mysterious quality to them. I do think that you will love this design concept especially if you love drawing flowers. I don't want to say too much because I have lots of lessons to upload. For now have fun with drawing poppy flowers in a tattoo design style.