How to Draw a Hawaiian Tattoo, Hawaiian Tattoo

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Make a large circle for the guide shape of the flower. Draw in some guides in the center and move to step two.


Starting in the center of the bloom, draw in the stamen as well as the small bulbs at the tip. As you can see there is also small arm like branches with a tiny circle on each one.


For your third step, all you need to so is start the drawing process with the hibiscus petals. Draw three in for now and then sketch in the dimpling in the center of each petal.


Make the last two petals the same way you did the previous three, and like the others, sketch in the dimples or creases as well.


Before drawing in the tribal pattern on your Hawaiian flower, you will need to draw in the two leaves. Sketch in the rib detailing on each leaf and then move to the last drawing step.


Draw in some tribal marks like so, or whatever kind of tattoo pattern you would like. When you are done color in the pattern solid, and clean up the drawing.


The line art looks awesome and if you are planing on bringing the finished line art to your tattoo parlor, don't bother coloring in the bloom. Otherwise, have fun adding some hues.

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October 4, 2011

Description: Tattoos, tattoos, and even more tattoos. If you’re like me you are a fan of epic tattoo art, and for me I love making my own concept designs straight from my head. This design goes out to all the ladies that love rockin those pretty hibiscus flowers on their torsos, backs, arms, and even legs. This is a familiar flower that has been seen on Dragoart more than once before. If you go poking around the tattoo and flower sections of the site, you will come across a few different versions of this hibiscus bloom. Today I will fill a tattoo request and show you guys "how to draw a Hawaiian tattoo", step by step. Of course I wanted to make something easy enough for anyone to tackle and because of this I chose to go with an awesome depiction of a subtle Hawaiian bloom. I think these flowers are beautiful, and if I was into flowers that much, this is probably one of the designs I would go with for my first inking session. I don’t have any ink on me now, and to be honest I don’t know if I want any at all. I’m sure my mind can change with age, but as of right now, it’s not in my cards. So all I can do is continue creating my tattoo designs and hope that you all love the lessons. Enjoy this submission on drawing a Hawaiian tattoo, and if you like what you see, go ahead and check out some other flower art I have on the site. Peace out people, or aloha.

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