How to Draw Pop Tart Cat, Nyan Cat

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To star, make a shape for the cat's head and then draw in the facial guides.


You will now draw out the actual shape of the cat's head and face and be sure to include the ears, and the wide look of the face.


Use the facial guides to draw out the eyes which are simple circles, and then draw the nose and mouth. Color in those eyes like so before you go.


You will now draw out the square shaped body which is also the pop tart. As you see the head cuts off the rest of the square shape.


Draw in the kitty's tail, and then draw all four legs.


Lastly, draw in the sugar speckles that is scattered all over the pop tart body. Now your Nyan Cat is all done. Just clean up your mess and that's it.


This is what a black and white version of Nyan Cat looks like when you are all done drawing it in. You can add the color and even draw out the trailing rainbow.

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August 3, 2011

Description: There are going to be some lessons today that will not have much description to them and that’s mainly because they are creations that have no real background. To start, I will show you "how to draw Pop Tart Cat", step by step or sometimes this meme is called Nyan Cat. This half cat half pop tart is a well-recognized icon that is seen on Youtube, and on plenty online art communities. I have seen Nyan Cat almost everywhere as well, so when I see a member with the Pop Tart Cat for their profile picture, I always smile because it is such a ridiculous looking creation, and I honestly don’t know one person that can sit through the Youtube video with the same beat, and same lyrics playing over and over again. Anyways, I hope you all have fun with learning "how to draw Nyan Cat", as you can see the task is going to be as easy as counting to three. Peace out people and have fun!

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