How to Draw Orly, Orly

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Just simply make a circle for the owl's head guide and then draw in the facial lining.


Begin sketching out the feathery lining that forms the head and neck and notice how there is a few feather pieces on top of the head.


Using the facial guides, draw in the almond shaped eyes, and then sketch in the ruffling of feathers where the beak will be drawn in.


Believe it or not, but this is the last drawing step. As you can see all you have to do is draw out the beak and open mouth which has a very friendly or excited gesture, color in some pupils and then sketch in more feather ruffle above the eyebrows.    


Here is what Orly looks like when you are done. I don't think that the owl's name is Orly, it's just an owl that is used to represent the word or phrase 'oh really'.

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August 3, 2011

Description: The next popular icon that is part of forum livelihood is going to be on a very well recognized snowy owl. Today, I thought I would fill a request and show you guys "how to draw Orly", step by step. The owl is used for representation purposes only and the word ORLY is short for the phrase ‘Oh Really”. The phrase is used in a sarcastic manner whenever someone leaves a post that is either obvious, false, or even predictable. I myself am not a big forum surfing person, but I do know ORLY. This tutorial is going to show you "how to draw ORLY", or the snowy owl that is used to represent the shortened phrase. This should be a fairly simple lesson to tackle because all you are doing is drawing the head of an owl. Thanks for joining me with this tutorial, and be sure to rate, comment, and fav all of the submission you love. Peace out people and have a happy drawing day!

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