How to Draw an Anime Kitten, Anime Kitten

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Very simple lesson coming your way and to start it off, draw two shapes, one large circle for the head, and a smaller shape for the body. Add some facial guides and you can move along.


Here you will use the shape you just made to draw out the outline of the kitten's head and large ears. Be sure to make the cheeks in the form of long fur, and draw in some of the neck.


Using the face guides, begin drawing out the very anime type of eyes like so, and then draw the brows, nose, mouth and whiskers. Sketch in some detailing on the bridge of the kitten's nose and as well as inside of the ears.


You will now work your way down the cat's body by drawing out the neck, fluffy chest, and then draw the large or oversized front legs and paws. This is a typical anime technique that some call exaggerated drawing.


Draw the back part of the kitten, and then begin sketching out the hind leg and back paw. Don't forget to draw in those toe lines on the front paw before leaving this step.


Lastly, draw the long, perked up tail like so, and begin the cleaning process. You should end up with a clean anime kitten.


See, I was right. The finished line art comes out looking clean, awesome, and ready to color in. Add a collar around your new kitten's neck if you like or maybe even some clothes.

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October 14, 2011

Description: Before I get to the last Halloween related lesson for the day, I thought I would first upload something cute, and refreshing. This next tutorial is going to be on "how to draw an anime kitten", step by step. Instead of making a real small version of a kitten, I decided to go with a different style. I’ve been practicing a different anime animal drawing style and this is one of the first drawings that I have completed and now turned into a step by step tutorial. If you look over at the ‘Top 50’, you will see that there is already a cartoon style anime kitty. I wanted a simple anime kitten and here are the end results. This is going to be a great lesson to tackle, and one of the fun things about it, is how you can tweak the kitten to your liking. For instance, you can give it characteristics of a favorite animal character from an anime your fond of, or you can do what I did and combine a bunch of factors into one sketch. Some of the concept came from the cats you see in those Barbie movies. You know, the new Barbie DVDs that are in almost every home that has little girls in it. My eight year old sister loves watching those Barbie flicks, and since she is a fan, I figured why not. Anyways, have fun with drawing an anime kitten, and I will work on getting a very scary, but recognizable character uploaded from a famous Stephen King novel. Adios people and enjoy!

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