How to Draw a Halloween Cat, Halloween Cat

Artist: Dawn / October 31, 2017

Step 1.

Let's begin with the basic guidelines for our base. You'll want to sketch the oval for the top of the larger circle which supports the frame for the pumpkin and face.

Step 2.

Then, we'll shift our attention to sketching out the top cap of the pumpkin carving. Our little kitty is chillaxing in the pumpkin and giving a great big greeting!

Step 3.

Let's sketch the inner details of the pumpkin cap like the dimension lining for the cap and stem detailing for the stem.

Step 4.

Next, we shall sketch the face shape for our kitty and the two front paws that will add more cuteness and charm. Can't wait to add the facials??

Step 5.

Sketching the facials should be taken one step at a time. We'll sketch the left eye first and work on the right. Finish off the step by sketching in the mouth part which lays in the middle of the eyes.

Step 6.

Then, we'll draw the pumpkin base, large enough to suffice the body size and weight. This pumpkin is rather large too!

Step 7.

Lastly, add the tail and the pumpkin face (you can customize it to any face style you desire). Remember to take your time and relax as you complete this last step.

Step 8.

With further proportion proofing and cleanup, you should have something very similar to this. Ink out your drawing and color it in if you wish. I hope ya'll enjoyed this tutorial, thanks so much for stopping by! Have fun and enjoy your new drawing :)

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 31, 2017
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Description: Aw, how can a kitty look so cute inside of a Halloween pumpkin? I have a huge fetish for animals and definitely seasons. Autumn is my favorite season out of the four. The colors, the crisp air, the windy breezes and rainy cool nights. It's one of the most relaxing seasons where everything is frozen in time. This kitty and pumpkin are best friends, they share the same expression, and they love trick or treating. The colors came out really nice since I've finally mastered the technique of having varied hues for the lines and the base coloring. This should be a real treat for all you Halloween lovers, especially ones as big as I. Take your time with the process of this tutorial, and start from the top to bottom. We don't want to flunk our proportions. If you want when you're finished, you could color your drawing any color you want. You can have a grey cat, or orange one, it's your choice! I hope ya'll enjoyed this lesson, I had so much fun creating it. Thanks for viewing and enjoy!