How to Draw Rage Face, Rage Face

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Like with all the other memes you will once again make a circle for the head and or face. Add the facial guides like so, and proceed to step two.


Rage face has a very uneven shaped head or face. You have to sketch out the actual face by using a rough, uneven stroke like you see here.


Using the facial guides you drew in step one, draw in the very stressed looking eyes using a black bold stroke. The intense looks is given to this face when you draw in the stress lines under the eyes. This also adds depth and a sunken in look. Sketc   


Next up, you will begin drawing out the eyebrows which are very upright and even a bit scratchy. Make some rough lines to draw in the brows like so, and notice how the left brow is thinner then the right brow.


Draw the wide open screaming mouth like so and the lining for the mouth should also be uneven. Draw in the crocked teeth and then the tongue. When drawing the teeth make sure that some of them are pointed.


Before drawing in the wrinkle, crease or stress lines that are scattered around the mouth and chin, you will first need to erase the guidelines you drew in step one. Once that is done, go right on ahead and finish off this face.


Here is the black and white line art when you are all done. Now you can go ahead and post the new face in your favorite forums, or just add this meme drawing to your collection.

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August 3, 2011

Description: Up next is yet another meme that a lot of you guys asked for, and even though these drawings are pretty darn easy, they are still very fun to tackle and draw. Here you have a tutorial on "how to draw Rage Face", step by step. I’m almost at a loss because there is almost nothing to say about this meme because the background has not yet been researched. I can tell you that the OMG Rage Face is a depiction of a man’s face that is either holding the expression of rage, shock, realization associated with life, and even amazement. The actual sketch of the face is a little disturbing because of the very expressive angry expression. Even though Rage face is very angry looking, he should be rather simple to replicate if you follow this tutorial on "how to draw Rage face". I will be back with some other submissions and don’t worry there is no more meme based lessons coming your way today. All that’s next is straight originality. See ya in a jiff guys, just make sure you have fun with all of today’s tutorials.

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