How to Draw Pikachu Kitty, Pikakitty

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Begin with the shape of the head and then draw out the small body shape which is smaller then the head. Add the face guide and move along people.


Sketch out the actual shape of the kitty's head and be sure to make the ears. Cap the ears with the line that will be filled in black.


Now use the facial guidelines to draw out the large eyes and then draw in the eyeballs. Next, draw the small nose, lips or jowls, and then draw the mouth and teeth or tooth. Lastly for this step draw a hint of the eyebrows and add the whiskers.


You will now start drawing out the front part of the body which is the fluffy chest, and then the front stubby legs that are squared at the bottom or base.


Next, draw the back of the neck, and then continue to draw out the body by making the hind legs and behind. Draw the two stripes on the back and add some toe lines.


Draw the lightning style tail and then draw the marking line on the tail which will separate the black from the yellow colors. Clean up the drawing and move to the last step to see what you will be coloring in.


Here is what your Pikachu kitty looks like when you are all done. Now you can have fun coloring it in and be on your way to try out something new.

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December 2, 2011

Description: Okay guys, this next tutorial is going to be a bit odd because there is no real way to describe what this creature is. I'm sure many of you have seen the cute kitten that was dyed yellow, and then the tips of the ears and all four paw where dyed black. The cheeks and nose was also dyed but in a red shade. Why would someone do such a thing to their pet? Well, if you’re a Pokémon freak and have an imagination, I guess you tend to experiment on your pets or animals to make them look like the real thing. I actually got the idea to make this creature when I approved artwork on someone who drew a Pikakitty. At first I thought it was actually a new Pokémon species but then I started connecting the two concepts of Pikachu mixed with Hello Kitty. No matter what you decide to call this animal species it definitely has something going for it, it's amazingly cute. Has fun drawing Pikakitty or Pikachu cat, and I will be back with some more fun that you can enjoy. Peace people!

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