How to Draw a Charizard Kitty, Charizard Cat

Artist: Dawn / December 5, 2011

Step 1.

First, let's start with the guidelines since they are essential for building the base of the future placements. Sketch these guides LIGHTLY and accurately. Try your best! It totally depends on it!

Step 2.

Then, we'll start sketching the face shape for our Pokemon kitty, Charizard. Take your time as you work the shape of the face and the ears. Notice how the ears are similar to the horns Charizard has.

Step 3.

Next, using swift and thick strokes for the eyes, we'll start drawing them triangular, to relate with the real Pokemon, Charizard. The mouth should be slanted to the side to emphasize the expression.

Step 4.

Then, finish the face by sketching the mouth, and the pupils. Use light lines for these portions of the face because the outer lines are meant to be the thickest.

Step 5.

Ok so, the fun part begins! I love sketching the legs and I'm sure you will too since this is uber easy. Draw blocky like legs to ease the difficulty of real cat paws. You'll want to draw this simple and toony as possible!

Step 6.

Let's start sketching the backside of our little fellow. Make sure to use the same blocky-round shapes to match the overall style of this kitty. Take your time and refrain from rushing!

Step 7.

Lastly, draw the tail first, THEN the flames. Try to keep each flare of flame curve diverse from one another, and thinner as it moves towards the top. It will look much fluent like fire normally is.

Step 8.

With further improvement of your lines, inking, coloring, you should result with something like this. I hope you've enjoyed this lesson! Get ready to ink your lines with Micron pens or a plain black marker! Peace and love :)

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 5, 2011
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Description: Ok, so I admit that doing these kitty Pokemon lessons are so much fun. I love sketching out boxy-like kitties in the persona of a Pokemon character. In this tutorial, we will learn “how to draw Charkitty”, step by step. To be quite frank, this tutorial took me a while to work on, mainly because I wanted to draw a unique pose instead of sitting poses from the ¾ view. Next time, I intend to do a frontal tutorial of the upcoming mystery Pokemon for another Pokekitty. Again, I had so much fun with this lesson, especially working on the thick lines and bright colors. The tail was also TOO much fun work on, the nice entwining curves of flame that scorch lit on the tail. Anyways, I've gotta get moving with more tutorials. I hope you all enjoyed this drawing tutorial, don't forget to leave me feedback on how you did! Peace and have fun!