How to Draw Pitbull, Pitbull

Artist: Dawn / December 1, 2011

Step 1.

Draw out a medium sized circle for the head and then draw in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

You will now use the facial guides to begin the process of sketching out his eyes. Take your time so you get a nice even line with the eyes. Sketch in the top lids and then add some light detailing under the eyes to give them that puffy look.

Step 3.

The first thing you want to do here is sketch in the forehead wrinkles like so. Next, slowly sketch in the eyebrows, and then finish off his eyes by adding some shading and contouring.

Step 4.

Again, you will be taking your time as you tackle these steps on drawing Pitbull. Slowly sketch out the shape of his nose like so, and then draw in the nostrils and frown lines. Lastly for this step, sketch the lips into a widened heart shape.

Step 5.

I know what you're thinking, there is a lot of steps to this tutorial. That is mainly because Pitbull has a very detailed face. You will sketch the left frown line and then lightly sketch in his mustache. Draw the lip line to separate the two lips, a   

Step 6.

As you can see you will finally start sketching out the shape of his head and the structure of his face. Incorporate the ear as well as detail the inside of the ear. Finish sketching in his chin hair like so, and then add some dashes under his face.

Step 7.

For the last drawing step simply draw his clothing. This is a suit jacket and undershirt. Start at the shoulders, and then work your way down. Add some detailing and begin cleaning up the sketch.

Step 8.

When you are done cleaning things up your drawing should come out looking like the one you see here. You can choose to color him in or leave this drawing as a sketch. Thanks for joining me, I will be back in a few with one more tut for you.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 1, 2011
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Description: Hey everyone once again, and welcome to another portrait drawing lesson that is going to be on a singer/rapper. I know some or a lot of you are not going to be familiar with this entertainer, but for those of you that know who he is, here is a tutorial on "how to draw Pitbull", step by step. His real name is Armando Perez and he was born on January 25, 1981. Like other rap stars of today, Pitbull had to learn how to deal with not being excepted when he tried taking his rapping to the next level. He was ostracized for having blue eyes as this is an uncommon thing amongst the Cuban people. When he was sixteen he was kicked out of his home by his mother because she didn’t approve of him selling drugs. This bothered her because his father led the same lifestyle. Fortunately, Armando graduated from High School and from there he decided to get serious with his dream of being a rapper. If you are like me you must have come across the question on why Armando chose the stage name “Pitbull”. In an interview he said that he wanted his name to stand for something. He went on to explain how when pitbulls bite, their jaws lock and they don’t let go, because if they let go there is a chance that they will lose. I don’t listen to Pitbull very much because I’m not in to that style of music. I would much rather listen to a cool eighties song or rock to some NIN. Regardless of what I like, what’s important is you are a fan. Enjoy this tutorial on drawing Pitbull. I shall return in a bit with another fun tutorial. Peace people!