How to Draw a Bulbasaur Kitty, Bulbasaur Kitty

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draw out a circle for the head and then add some facial guidelines.


All you will have to do here is use the shape you drew in step one to sketch out the shape of the kitty's head. Be sure to add that kitty fuzz on top of the head too, and then draw in the small pointed ears.


Here is where you will start utilizing the facial guidelines because you have to now draw out the eyes. Make two large or long sharp lines for the tops of each eyes, and then draw the eyeballs and pupils. Draw and color in the small triangular nose,    


You are ready to start drawing out the body for Bulbasaur kitty. Make the trunk like shapes for the legs and add some small lines for each toe on each paw.


Finish drawing out the body which includes the back, hind legs, tail, and of course the bulb on the back.


And lastly, draw the spots on the forehead, legs, and body and then draw in the detailing on the bulb. Clean up the drawing like so.


Here is the line art when you are all done. Color in your new Pokemon style kitty and that's it. Tackle something else now.

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December 5, 2011

Description: It’s obvious that you guys are having a blast with the kitty series that I am doing on Dragoart. At first I made a tutorial on Pikakitty or Pikachu Kitty, and then I went ahead and did Charizard Kitty. Today I will be showing you guys the ins and outs to making another kitty related Pokémon character. Here is "how to draw Bulbasaur kitty", step by step. If you joined me Live yesterday you were amongst the many that had a blast as I made magic happen right before your eyes. I am so happy that you will all be having fun as you tackle the task of drawing Bulbasaur kitty. I will be back with some more awesomeness so be sure to stick around guys because you don’t want to miss what comes up next. Peace out and enjoy!

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