How to Draw Phoncible P, Phoney Bone from Bone

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Well this is your first step and as you can see he looks pretty easy right? Well you will start by drawing a circle for his head and then a smaller circle for the shape of his nose. You will then draw out the shape of his shirt and then his nubs for    


Okay so far so good right? You will now just draw and color in two small oval shapes for his eyes. Add the lining and shapes for his hands and make sure you draw his fingers the way you see them here. Finish this step by drawing out the right leg and   


Well you have made it to your last drawing step and I know it was easy. You will just add a long line for his eyebrow that is curled in at the ends and then give him a neck, shoulders, and a collar line. Draw a star on his chest and add a finger to h   


Well here he is. You are done. All you have to do is add color and that is it you have just finished this tutorial on how to draw Phoncible P, Phoney Bone from Bone. I will be back with my next tutorial on how to draw another Bone character so stay t   

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October 18, 2008

Description: This next tutorial is some what out of the ordinary because the character is mainly or wholly from a comic book. Now I am doing this drawing lesson because a member requested it for a tutorial. So for my fifth tutorial I will be showing you how to draw Phoncible P. “Phoney” Bone from Bone. This comic book character was created and written by Jeff Smith with the first issue that came out in 1991 and the last issue was published in 2004. Phoney is a character that is described as being manipulative and greedy. He is almost like a mean old man that has a love for money and he will try anything he can to get rich. Since I have no clue on what this character is like and how the story line goes, I am afraid that I can’t write any further about him. So I hope you like my version of Phoney with this step by step tutorial on how to draw Phoncible P. “Phoney” Bone from Bone. The comic character is pretty basic and simple enough to tackle. I will be back with one more tutorial in a bit so stay tuned folks.

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