How to Draw Stripperella

Artist: Dawn / February 11, 2008

Step 1.

This first step you will be drawing the frame work of Stripperella. Starting at the head draw a circle for the head and a line fro the neck. After that draw the torso ans arms with smaller circles at the tips for the hands. After you complete that dr   

Step 2.

In this step what you will be doing is drawing the outlining for the hair which is just a big busy looking cloud, Then you will have to sketch the bust area, Now Stripperella is a very heavy chested girl so that means you must show this in the drawin   

Step 3.

Here is where you will be sketching out the bottom part of her legs which consist of knee high boots with a heel. The bottom of her leg is very shapely and really does thin out toward the ankles. Sketch in the hand that is sticking in your face an th   

Step 4.

Now here is where you will be detailing her hair and face a whole lot better. Finish off the hand with a finger and a thumb, and then sketch in the small details on her waist and right breast. For the hair all you have to do is add lines to the top o   

Step 5.

Here is what your superhero Stripperella should look like when you are finished. You can color her in any color you want to and that will complete this step on how to draw Stripperella.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 11, 2008
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Description: Has anyone ever heard of the female character created by Stan Lee called Stripperella? I’m not sure how many of you have since it was a short lived adult cartoon series that used Pamela Anderson’s voice for the main female Character “Erotica Jones” its also based on her as well. Since I’m the type of person that gets into weird shows like Stripperella, Its sad to say that I have the first series on DVD. I originally bought it for my brother who likes movies and shows like that, but after watching it on T.V. I had to by him another one. Okay here is how the story goes, there is this girl named Erotica Jones who has a nighttime career as a night club Stripper. But when she leaves the club even later at night, she turns into this crime fighting superhero called Stripperella. Stan Lee insists that this show is for the whole family to enjoy and you know what, he’s right. But if you’re a tight throat family that shelters your kids from anything and everything, then you probably won’t agree with me. But honestly it is a good old fashioned fun cartoon series that I’m sure a lot of people enjoy. I mean come on look at the cats on the show, Pamela Anderson of all people that alone is funny in itself. The stories are off the wall and crazy, it’s almost like a combination of Marvel Comics meets the Simpson’s, and the Family Guy all mixed into one show, and you know how funny both of those shows are right I mean, come on already. Stripperella has a grungy Heavy Metal feel to it with tons of dry humor jokes that you will be sure to laugh at because they are so ridiculous. Unfortunately the show ended in 2004. The main reason why I chose this character to make a tutorial out of is because, I was watching the DVD last week with some friends and we really had an awesome time, so I took the cover and sketched out Stripperella wearing her purple leather superhero suit and whalah, here you have it. This tutorial will teach you how to draw this sexy blonde head bomb shell of a superhero step by step. The instructions are wicked easy and you will be drawing comic book heroes like a pro in no time. So have fun and enjoy the show.