How to Draw Hello Kitty for Kids

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The first step is easy, just draw Hello Kitty's bow like so and add some detailing.


You will now draw out Hello Kitty's head, and ear shapes like so.


Now you can color in her eyes, draw her nose, and then draw the whiskers on each side of her face. Clean up the mistakes and you are ready to move along to see what your drawing looks like.


This is the finished drawing of Hello Kitty when you are all done. Color her in and post your art where ever you like.

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March 11, 2012

Description: Another Hello Kitty for the books with an easy twist. Here is a lesson on just her head which means those of you that find it hard to draw Hello Kitty, here is a tutorial that you guys should find simple and full of fun to recreate. This is basically a three step submission that involves just the head, face and bow of Hello Kitty. Since I have drawn and submitted plenty of lesson on her before, there really is no need for me to ramble on about nothing. So here is "how to draw Hello Kitty for kids", step by step. I know there will be some folks that will love this submission, and then there are folks that will find it boring. All I am simply doing is trying to make things easy for those that have trouble with drawing simple characters from Pop culture. Have fun and spread the love by linking to this and all other lessons you come across on using the buttons below every main picture on each tutorial, peace people!

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