How to Draw a Celtic Cross

Artist: Dawn / October 18, 2008

Step 1.

Okay as you can see this is a very easy drawing lesson to learn from. You will first start by drawing two guidelines for the frame of the Celtic cross. After you do that you can then draw out the outline of the cross itself as shown above. If you not   

Step 2.

Now since this cross has a rope style design you will start sketching out the lining for the roping. But before you do that you should draw a thin line around the inner rim of the cross as shown. Once you have done that you can then start adding the    

Step 3.

Okay you have reached step three and I know you know what that means right? Yes, you are half way done. You will approach the remaining steps by adding more rope lining detailing to the crosses design. ALl you have to do is follow the step and draw a   

Step 4.

Okay you have reached step four and you have done great so far. As you can see by the time you finished this step you will be practically done. All you need to do is draw the rounded edges to the rope design you sketched out so far. After you do that   

Step 5.

Yay! You have finally reached the last step and I am so relieved, are you? So what you will do is finish the detailing in the middle of the cross as you see here. Once you are done you can finish cleaning up your art by erasing any left over guidelin   

Step 6.

Well that's it your done. You can add some color if you want but you can also leave it as is. You have successfully finished this tutorial on how to draw a Celtic cross step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 18, 2008
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Description: Now that I showed you all how to draw two characters from The Boondocks and a swordfish, I will now show you how to draw another tattoo called a Celtic cross. This cross is a common tattoo that is seen mainly on the shoulders and sometimes on the calves of men and woman. I scrambled through some different Celtic cross tattoos online, and there was only one that I found appealing cause it resembled the one that my uncle has on his left shoulder. For those of you that don’t know what a Celtic cross symbolizes, I will fill you in the best way I can with the information I know from previous readings. First off the symbol of this Celtic icon combines a cross with a ring that surrounds the middle part of the cross which is linked to Celtic Christianity. The Celtic cross originated in Ireland (of course). During the seventh century, Irish monks put up “high crosses” which are self standing crosses made of stone. They were often made with swirl like engravings and no two crosses looked the same. The Celtic cross can still be found in places like Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland. Today, the Celtic cross is made on a more personal level. We see different types of crosses that resemble the Celtic cross with today’s popular jewelry like earrings, necklaces and rings. There are also tee-shirts, tattoos, flags, bumper stickers, dishware, and patches that display the Celtic cross. Many people that wear this image on their skin or body have no idea what it is called or what it stands for. For example, the Irish believe that the Celtic cross was introduced to Ireland by Saint Patrick during the time when he was converting the pagan Irish to Christianity. It is said that he infused the Christian cross with the symbol of the sun to emphasize the importance of the cross by linking it with the life giving properties of the sun. Cool, huh? Anyways like I said before, I mainly see the Celtic cross as a tattoo and on jewelry. I think I did an awesome job with this tattoo sketch, and I hope you will have a fun time learning how to draw a Celtic cross step by step. Who knows maybe you know someone that is looking for a cool cross tattoo? I will be back in a bit with two more drawing tutorials so stick around gang.