How to Draw Owl Eyes, Draw an Owl Face


Let us start by making the guidelines. These three lines should form a wide Y.


Begin sketching out the brow for your owl's face which will made the eyes look expressive the way they are. Add a crinkle on the forehead, then proceed to step three.


Here we will sketch out the small gem shaped nose or beak for the owl's face.


We will tackle the task of sketching out the owl eyes like so, then make sure there is two rings inside the eyes.


Sketch out some feathers for the owl's chest, then add texture detailing to the feathers.


Lastly, sketch out the other side of the feathers, then erase your mistakes to start the shading process.


First, start with the shading for the eyes. I start this way because after you shade the darkest parts of the eyes, you will be able to shade the rest of the drawing easier, because there is less darkness throughout. I like to work on the left eye to   


Then, using an 8B pencil, shade the beak in. Shade around the lining of the beak, leaving an empty white space in the very middle of the beak. Use either tissue or a tortillion and blend the shadows together.


Then, once you've shaded the beak, it's time to work on the face. Ountlining the perimintor of the beak, I leave a dark region that stops at the middle of the pupils. This is the space where the mouth indents from the beak space. Shade around this ar   


This is my favorite part, for the forehead, I started off by shading with an 8B pencil VERY roughly, then used a blender to blend in a subtle grey surface. Then, take your eraser and start erasing white spaces of feathers. Once you've done that, take   


Once you've repeated the technique to the overlapping feathers below, you should have a product similar to this. I hope you guys enjoyed this lesson! Stay tuned for the video for my process on this owl head! Let me know what animal you'd like to see    

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May 7, 2018

Description: hoot, hoot. That is what we hear when we sit out in the night air. Today we will start by drawing owl eyes, or drawing an owl face. Drawing owls are so fascinating because they are such remarkable looking birds that have their distinct appearance. I had so much fun making this owl because I haven't really made a lot of sketches or drawings on these fantastic birds. The eyes are very expressive and almost captivating which is why I'm calling the tutorial "how to draw owl eyes". I know you will eventually use what you have learned in something you create on your own. Anyways, thanks for joining me with another bird lesson, I will be back with more for you all. Peace out!

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