How to Draw Nicki Minaj

Artist: Dawn / August 10, 2010

Step 1.

As with any drawing or sketch on a person, you will start by making a circle for her head, and then add the facial guidelines. Next, draw the lining for the back of her neck, and her shoulder and arm like so.

Step 2.

Now, begin sketching out the thick or bold shape of her top lid lashes like you see here, and then sketch her nose, and top lip line.

Step 3.

Now it's time to sketch out the shape of Nicki's face which looks a bit boxy, and when that is done you can finish drawing her eyes, pupils, and lashes. Finish the shape of her mouth, and then add some light detailing or shading to the bottom lip. Yo   

Step 4.

Okay, look how nice her image is coming out. What you will focus on here is the shape and style of her short, stylish hair. You will start sketching her hair out, and then color in under her chin. Detail the ends, and add some strand lines.

Step 5.

Well, you have now reached your last drawing step. All you need to do now is sketch out the rest of her arms, and then draw in her hands. Sketch the bracelets that she is wearing and then ink out the tattoo on her left arm or shoulder. begin erasing    

Step 6.

When you are all done, your sketch of this female rapper should come out looking great. Now that you are all done, you can wither color your drawing in, or leave it as a sketch.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Okay guys, today I am going to start this warm summer afternoon by submitting a lesson on a female rapper. She is part of Young Money, and she is one sassy chic. If you like the group Young Money, then you should like this lesson on “how to draw Nicki Minaj", step by step. Her real name is Onika Maraj, and although her looks may decisive you, she is one tough cookie that knows what it's like to live a hard knock life. From the time she was born, to about five years old, little Onika lived with her grandmother in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago. Later, she then moved to Queens which is as you know, located in New York City. Her race is a mix between Afro-Trinidadian, and Indo-Trinidadian, which are people that are of either African, Black, Negro, or Creole descent. Anyway, her prissy voice, and her sometimes “cute” Barbie Doll style is what captures you about her appearance. But when she raps or performs, it's a whole other story. It wasn't until 2004 that she began her musical career starting out as a regular background singer for various rapers in the New York City area. You now how Justin Bieber was discovered on Youtube? Well for Nicki, she was found on the very popular social community, MySpace by the CEO of Dirty Money, Fendi. He later signed Nicki to his record label in 2004, and was later contacted by Lil Wayne. The two rappers began working together on a few mixtapes, which later became the reason why she was dropped by Dirty Money. After years of trial and error, she finally released a mixtape in 2007, and that is when it all started for her. So, as for her discography as far as mixtapes go, she released “Playtime is Over” in 2007, “Sucka Free” in 2008, “Beam Me Up, Scotty” in 2009, and “Barbie World” in 2010. As far as actual albums, she released “Pink Friday” in 2010, and another collaborative album with “We Are Young Money” in 2009. Geez, for a girl that grew up in a tough family setting with an abusive, alcoholic father, she has done pretty good for herself. I had so much fun drawing out Nicki because it felt like I was putting make-up on one of those Barbie Doll heads. Anyways, I think you will have fun learning "how to draw Nicki Minaj", because she is a cute rapper that has a lot of glitz, style, and pizazz! Until next time everyone.