How to Draw Amy Lee

Artist: Dawn / June 4, 2010

Step 1.

You will start this sketch by drawing out a circle for her head. Since this is just going to be a head sketch, all you have to worry about is drawing Amy's face and hair. You will add the facial guidelines, and then move to the next drawing step.

Step 2.

Using the guidelines you drew in step one, begin sketching out the shapes of her eyes. Notice how the upper ends of the eyelids are darker, and bolder, and they even have some lashes attached too. When the eyes are finished you can then sketch out th   

Step 3.

Continue to sketch out her eyes including the bottom eyelid, and then draw in her eyeballs, and pupils. Sketch her nicely shaped eyebrows, and then draw in the brow ring that she is best known for. Add some shading to her left eye like you see here f   

Step 4.

The next thing you are gonna want to do is sketch out the shape of her face which is very form fitting. Once that is done you can begin sketching out her hair and hair line like you see here. Add some shading around her eyes, and then shade in the cl   

Step 5.

You will begin shading in the entire surrounding area of her face and head. This is going to be her hair style. Add some touches of smudged white lining to add shine to her hair, and then sketch out the ends of her hair style as well.

Step 6.

All you need to do now is sketch out that one piece of bang that is hanging to the left of her face. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your sketch.

Step 7.

Now that you are done, your drawing of Amy Lee is finished and it's looking good. Great job everyone, I hope you learned something new today, as well as a good time.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 4, 2010
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Description: Hello guys, I'm back with some more drawing fun, and this time it's going to be on a lead singer from the band “Evanescence”. Just by me writing down that one word tells you who exactly I'm talking about. In fact, just the thumbnail alone gives this lesson away. I guess there is no beating around the bush when it comes to this tutorial, because I'm sure you already know that I will be showing you "how to draw Amy Lee", step by step. I got so many requests to do this musical artist since 2008. But because I wasn't really good at drawing faces or famous people, I never attempted the sketch. Now that I'm better at drawing realistic style, I think I could basically draw any face that is thrown in front of me. Now I'm not promising that it will come out looking fantastic, but I can promise that the sketch will come out looking decent. Anyway, I'm sure almost every member here has heard of the band Evanescence right? Of course you have. Before I get into the succession of the Evanescence, let me talk a little about the singer shall we. First off, her full name is Amy Lynn Lee, and she was born on December 13, 1981 which makes her about twenty eight years old. Amy Lee is not only a singer and songwriter, she is also a very skilled pianist. She is trained to play classical type music on the piano, and just by listening to her play, you know for a fact that she's been playing for a long while. A lot of musical artist label other singers and songwriters as their inspirations. For Amy Lee, her inspirations came from people like Mozart, and Beethoven. She also has other artist of today that she holds as influences too. People like Danny Elfman, Plumb, Bjork, and Tori Amos are among the few musicians that she was influenced by. Her parents moved around a lot which gave Amy plenty of time to write music even when she was eleven years old. She had written a song called “Eternity of the Remorse” at age eleven, and during this time in her life, she had dreams of becoming a classical composer. Once the family settled down in Little Rock, Arkansas, that is when she began creating the band “ Evanescence”. This all happened during the late nineties, and as she began to make an impression on listening ears, Evanescence became one of the worlds favorite bands. Even today, Amy and her band perform, but instead of the last name Lee, it's now Amy Hartzler. Her last name was changed after she married her long time friend, Josh Hartzler. There is one signature mark that makes her style and look unique, and that is her dark black hair, and her ice grayish blue eyes. Anyway, I think you guys will have fun learning "how to draw Amy Lee", step by step. The tutorial image is not as big as I'd like it to be, which is why I will work on getting the size fixed later. Have fun guys, and be sure to enjoy your drawing day!