How to Draw Jason Derulo

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Begin drawing out a medium sized circle like you see here, and then add the facial guidelines. You will then move to step two to continue the drawing process.


Okay, let's start sketching out the shape of his head, and face like so, and then thicken the lining to make a small hint of a goatee. His hair is short which means the lining for his head should be a bit ridged.


It's now time to start sketching out his eyes, and then sketch the shape of his nose like so. You will then color in nostril holes, and then thicken the eyes until they look like the ones you see here.


Wow, look how far you've already come. When you are finished with this step, Jason Derulo starts to take form. What you have to do now is sketch out his eyebrows, and then draw out his full lips or mouth like so. You will also need to draw in the eye   


All you need to do now is sketch out his left ear, detail his ear with lines and shading, and then shade in his eyebrows, around his mouth, and around the eyes. Next, and lastly, draw the shape of his neck, and then draw out his shirt like so. You ca   


When you are done, the drawing should look like the one you see here. See how easy it was to draw Jason Derulo, step by step? Now you can add some shading and color to complete the drawing.

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June 26, 2010

Description: I knew that the lesson on Pink was going to be liked. I mean how can it not, she is such a talented performer. Anyways, this next tutorial is going to be on another singer that is just making his way into the pop scene. To go along with Pink, I will teach you guys "how to draw Jason Derulo", step by step. He was born in Miami Florida on September 21, 1989, under his full name, Jason Joel Desrouleaux, which would make him around 20 years old. He shortened his last name strictly for entertainment purposes only. This makes his last name easy to understand and say. At first, I didn't like his debut single which was “Whatcha Say”, but after a while, I started liking the song, and then I liked the artist. Even though I haven't seen him in any movies, Jason Derulo is also an actor, and an avid dancer. I knew after watching the music video for his first song, that he was an awesome dancer. How about a little more 411 on this pop star huh? Well, to start, he comes from a Haitian ethnic background which is very surprising because to tell you the truth, I thought he was Dominican, African American or just a mixture between the two. Now because he is a rising star, there is not a whole lot of background for him. Years have to pass before there is more information on Jason, but for now I can tell you that he started his entertainment career around the age of five. He even wrote his first song called “Crush on You” when he was only eight years old. During his life as he grew up, he studied subjects like, ballet, theater, and even opera. Did you know that before Jason Derulo became a popular performer, he used to write songs for other artists like P. Diddy, Sean Kingston, and even Lil Mama. He began writing music at the age of sixteen, and he stayed doing that ever since. So how long has Derulo been singing? Since 2007, that's when. In 2009, he released his debut single called “Watcha Say”, and needless to say, it went to number one in November of the same year. His debut album was self titled, and he even opened for Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour. His new single is called, “In My Head”, and that too is an awesome song. No matter how you look at it, you can just tell that this act is going to blow up like a hard filled water balloon. This tutorial is going to show you "how to draw Jason Derulo", step by step, and to tell you the truth, it will be an easy lesson to follow. I will be back soon so try and stay logged in to see if I will upload something you where waiting for. Peace out everyone, and happy drawing.

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