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How to Draw Trey Songz

Artist: Dawn / October 12, 2010
How to Draw Trey Songz

Step 1.

Like all faces, you will start this tutorial the same way. Start with a round shape for the top part of the head, and then draw the lower portion of the face which is the cheeks, law line, and chin. When that is done, add the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

You will now need to start sketching out the actual shape of the head, and lower portion of the face like so. When that is done, draw in the top eyelid lines like you see here, and make sure the lining is thicker than that of his face. Lastly for thi   

Step 3.

Okay, see how nice Trey is coming along. Keep up the momentum by continuing to take your time and being patient. You will need to sketch out the hair line, and then draw out the outline of the ear. Next, draw the rest of his eyes, including the eyeba   

Step 4.

Keep going guys because you are almost done. Here you will begin sketching out the eyebrows, and be sure to line the brow with small dashes to make the texture of the eyebrow look realistic. When that is done, color in the eyes, draw the bottom lip,    

Step 5.

Color in the hair, and then begin sketching in the shading that will detail, and define his face like you see here. Under and inside of the nostrils get shaded, sketching out the mustache and goatee, and then add some shading detail on the lower port   

Step 6.

When you are done, your newly drawn singer should come out looking like the sketch you see in front of you now. Color him in if you like, or leave Trey Songz as a sketch. Either way, you did a great job.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 12, 2010
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Tags: draw famous, draw music, draw real people, how to draw real people
Description: I don’t know how many people here are familiar with a music artist named Trey Songz. I received a request to do a lesson on "how to draw Trey Songz", and of course I’m going to fill such a request because I haven’t drawn any celebrities in a while, and because I always do what inspiring artists ask of me, eventually. Now even though I am submitting this tutorial, I haven’t got a clue who this music artist is. I had to actually go to Trey’s official website to read about his career, and to find out who he was. After some long reading I have found out that his real name is ‘Tremaine Aldon Neverson’, and he was born in Petersburg Virginia on November 28, in the year of 1984. This would make him around twenty five today, and come this November he will be turning twenty six. Trey discovered his love for music when he was fourteen, and after struggling with the conclusion that he didn’t want to sing, he was egged on by family and friends to pursue a music career. It wasn't until two years after he started singing that he was discovered by a record producer named Troy Taylor. Once discovered, Trey was signed to a contract with Atlantic Records. All these life changing events started taking off in 2002, and as soon as Trey graduated High School, he moved himself to New Jersey to start recording. It wasn’t until 2005 that he released his first single called ‘Gotta Make It’, and after being in the charts top 100, the single finally made it to number twenty one. Nowadays his music is recognized and he is still working on becoming one of the world’s popular artists. His recent album ‘Passion, Pain & Pleasure’ has been in stores since September 14th and on the album he features Nicki Minaj. If you like hip hop music, and you know who this tutorial is based on, you will love learning "how to draw Trey Songz", step by step. That does it for me, for now. I will return later with a lot more drawing fin so stay tuned in folks. Peace out, and have a happy drawing day.