How to Draw Eclipse

Artist: Dawn / August 13, 2010

Step 1.

All you are basically drawing is a ribbon that is torn at the top. To start, just draw a simple line that flows in a different pattern.

Step 2.

For your second step, you will begin drawing out the actual shape of the ribbon beginning with the top. As you can see it is tearing as it flows down.

Step 3.

You will now continue to draw out the shape of the falling ribbon like you see here. As you can see there is a very loose or free falling flow going on.

Step 4.

For your last drawing step, all you need to do is finish off sketching out this ribbon, and be sure to take your time doing so. Erase the lines you drew in step one to clean up your drawing.

Step 5.

Add some shading and then you have a nicely drawn sketch of the book cover from the Twilight saga, Eclipse. I hope you had fun, and be sure to use your reddest colored marker, crayon or paint to shade in this new drawing.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 13, 2010
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Description: Well guys, I never thought that I would be submitting a lesson that could cause panic and upraise. Today, I decided to fill a request that was made like a week ago. This member asked me if I could do a lesson that will show you "how to draw Eclipse", step by step. When I say upraise and panic, I should warn you all that if you didn’t see the movie, or read the book on the third series to Twilight, you should probably avoid reading this description. I will try and not talk too much on the subject just in case you want to read this description. Anyways, as you know Eclipse is the third part to the Twilight saga, and it picks up where New Moon left off. At the end of New Moon, Edward asked Bella to marry him right after the incident she had with Jacob. She told Jacob that Edward has always been there, and he will always be there. Basically she rejected him but she feels bad because she really loves him and values him as a friend. Eclipse is full of new mysteries, new adventures, a bunch of suspicion, and it will definitely give you the ride of your life. I know so much about the movie, but I just can’t bring myself to tell you what it is. If you have already seen the flick or read the book, you know exactly what I am talking about. It’s such a good addition that talking about it to those that have never seen or read it before would be just a down right dirty shame. All I can tell you is that Edward and the rest of the Cullen’s join forces with the Quileute Tribe to defeat a strand of nasty new vampires that are on a horrendous killing spree. Anyways, there is so much more I could tell you, but instead I will just shut my mouth and just show you "how to draw Eclipse. or at least the book cover to the novel series. I mean this lesson is going to be super easy because all you are doing is drawing a ribbon that is slightly torn. As for the meaning behind the red broken ribbon, its supposed to represent the choice Bella makes between Edward and Jacob. The ribbon is is a break of the choices that she makes. Anyway, I guess that does it for me and for this last tutorial description. I will be back tomorrow with more drawing fun so come back again, or stick around to see what else I will upload in the very near future. Peace out people, and enjoy the rest of your drawing day!