How to Draw Minnie and Mickey Kissing


Begin with two circles for the head guides, then draw the body guidelines as well as the facial guidelines.


Start with Mickey and begin drawing the profile of his face starting with the forehead, nose, puckered lips and then draw the chin.


We will draw the head which also includes the round ears. The infamous markings on his head too should be drawn in.


Draw his closed eye and then add a blush mark and eyebrow.


Continuing on with Mickey you will draw the shoulder, arm and hand. As you know Mickey's hand should be gloved. Draw the torso from the side and then draw the pant line.


I guess it's safe to say that Mickey is all done. Now you can begin drawing Minnie. Draw the profile of her face the same way you did Mickey, then draw the complete shape of her head.


Draw in Minnie's closed eye and be sure to make her lashes thick and long. Add a blush mark on her cheek and then a single lined eyebrow.


We will now tackle Minnie's body starting with the shoulder, arm and upper body shape. End this step by drawing the lining for her clothing.


Draw Minnie's gloved hand and then proceed to step ten.


Draw in her ears and then draw the bow tie which should also have polka dots. Erase your guidelines and you are all done.


The line art should come out look like this drawing you see here. Now you can color the love birds in.

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May 14, 2015

Description: This tutorial goes out to all you folks out there that are fans of Mickey and Minnie. I will be filling a request that will show you how to draw Minnie and Mickey kissing, step by step. I know they don't look like your traditional Mickey and Minnie, but I wanted to do a unique spin of them and switch up their whole look in a new way that would be easier for folks to tackle. Anyway, have fun drawing Mickey and Minnie kissing and I will be back with more fun lessons for you all so stay tuned in.

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