How to Draw a Goku and Vegeta Yin Yang


Begin by drawing two head guides like so.


Begin drawing the profile for your first DB character. This should include the shape and detailing of the ear as well.


Next, draw in the Saiyan style hairdo along with the face. Notice the expression on his face.


Finish drawing the chunky spiked hairstyle like so, then begin sketching out the shape of his neck, and then draw the profile and head shape for Vegeta resting on Goku's neck.


Continue to work on Vegeta's face by drawing the eye, eyebrow, hairline, and then sketch in the shape of his angled ear.


We will only draw a few thick, chunky strands of Vegeta's Saiyan hair because the next step will turn the two in a combined yin yang.


Now you can draw the thick circle around their heads like so. You are all done and ready to move onto something new. But first, erase your mistakes and guides.


That's it. You can now color in Goku and Vegeta in this yin yang design.

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May 14, 2015

Description: I know there are still plenty of fans out there for the Dragon Ball series and because of this I wanted to go ahead and fill a request to make a lesson on how to draw a Goku and Vegeta yin yang, step by step. This is super cool and I'm kinda bummed that I didn't think of the idea beforehand. But, at least the tutorial is available for you fans now which means you can tackle yet another cool drawing lesson on two Dragonball characters that are loved and hated around the world. I shall return and if you would like a custom yin yang tutorial made, just let me know. Adios amigos!

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