How to Draw Daisy and Donald Duck Kissing


Draw two head guides like so than proceed to step two.


Up next, draw the arched brows and then draw in the sailor hat.


Finish the shape of Donald's head and then draw the puckered up bill and then draw in his face which is closed eyes, blush marks and a dimple on the corner of his mouth. Don't forget to add the small piece of ribbon on the hat as well.


We will now draw in Daisy's puckered beak, bill or lips like so, then draw in the raised brows along with the detailing on the bill.


Up next, draw Daisy's closed eyes and then draw in some long lashes. You will also draw in her bow that she wears on her head. I know she doesn't have any hair, but with the bow she sort of looks like she does.


Up next, draw in the back of her head which is feathery and fluffy. Draw the shoulder and then her torso. Add the puffy sleeve and then Daisy's arm.


Lastly, finish the whole drawing by drawing Daisy's arm and hand. Notice that her hand is resting on Donald's Chest. Draw the long collar for Donald's shirt. Erase the mistakes and than you are all done. Don't forget to get rid of those guidelines to   


Here is the line art. Now you can color in both Daisy and Donald.

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May 14, 2015

Description: As requested here is the lesson that a couple people asked for either through emails or through comments left on tutorials. Today, I will show you all how to draw Daisy and Donald Duck kissing, step by step. Again, I stepped outside the box with their character design and did something simple, colorful, and a lot more colorful than the original duo. Everyone knows that Donald and Daisy Duck are lovebirds even if Daisy sometimes plays hard to get. I had a lot of fun with this tut and I hope you all do too. Adios amigos and enjoy this bright lesson.

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