How to Draw Mario Bros

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You will start by drawing out the heads, and as you can see Luigi's is smaller. Next, draw the guidelines for their faces, necks, torsos and limbs like you see here.


You will now start drawing out the shapes of their heads, and notice how Luigi has a balloon shaped head. Once that is done add some ear shapes, and the shapes for their honkers of a nose. Lastly, start making the lines for their shoulders too.


Now it's time to draw in Luigi's hat, and Mario, and Luigi's face shapes like you see here. This includes the eyes, noses, mustaches, and mouths. For Mario you will start drawing out his mouth, and for Luigi, draw his jumper straps like you see here.   


You can now finish drawing out their faces like the eyes, eyebrows, and ears. Then begin sketching out their hats, and be sure to add their initials too, "M" for Mario, and "L" for Luigi. As always Mario is giving you a peace sign with his right hand   


Now it's time to finish off these brothers by drawing out the rest of their bodies. The first thing to start on is their arms, then the torso, hands, legs, and feet. Add some detailing and definition and then start erasing all the lines and shapes yo   


Finally your drawing is done, and you now have two brothers that love each other. I hope you had fun drawing Mario Bros, maybe next time I will draw the whole gang. Color them in and that's it!

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August 30, 2010

Description: I thought I would have a little fun today and upload a tutorial I drew yesterday on two very popular game faces. Now, I don't know how long it's been since you guys have actually played a Nintendo game that had characters like Bowser, Princess Peach, or even Yoshi. For my first tutorial, I will be giving you all a lesson on “how to draw Mario Bros", step by step. Now, for a long time I always thought that Luigi was just Mario's good friend which is why he was always helping out his buddy. But after a long while of not knowing the truth, I had to find out if they where related in any way, shape, or form. Come to find out, Mario and Luigi are brothers, and I guess that's why the game series was always labeled “Mario Bros". How about the age old question, “who is older, Mario or Luigi?” It is Mario that is older, and Luigi is his taller twin brother that is always accompanying his brother when duty calls. How did this popular duo become a pair? Well, when Shigeru Miyamoto was told that his character creation of Mario looked like a plumber, he went with this look full speed ahead. He realized that he wanted to make a two player game so what he did was create a younger, slimmer, taller brother that was dressed in lime green instead of red, and called him, Luigi. The two Italian brothers have been together ever since, and if you have had the chance to play both characters in the Mario Bros game series, you will find that Mario's character is a bit more sturdy or stable then his wiggly brother. Luigi's legs tend to be loose at times, and he also does a lot of sliding when you want to stop the character from walking. Both Mario and Luigi have their advantages, and disadvantages, which means Mario is better in some boards that Luigi isn't so good at, and Luigi does good with boards that Mario isn't good at. No matter what, its always fun when you decide to "draw Mario and Luigi", and that is why I wanted to do this tutorial on "how to draw Mario Bros". I do hope you enjoy this lesson, and be sure you stay tuned in to see what else I have down my plumbers pipe. See ya soon peeps!

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