How to Draw Riolu

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Draw a circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then need to draw the lines for the ears, and arms, and then draw a small torso shape so that you can connect the arm line. Draw another circle for the lower body and then add th   


You will start filling out the shapes that you drew in step one by sketching out the actual shape of Riolu's face and head structure. When drawing this part of the body out, be sure that you add the shape of the ears, and slight bumps on the head tha   


Draw out the shape of Riolu's left ear, and then draw start sketching out the big bold eyes, and color in the pupils. Draw a mouth, and then draw the left arm, hand, and fingers. Don't forget to draw the marking line on Riolu's forehead.


Now you can draw the full extended right arm and paw, and then draw the diamond like bump too. Draw the shape and design of the torso, and then move to the next step.


You can begin drawing out the shape of Riolu's thick thighs, and then draw the beginning parts of the calfs. That is all for this step.


For your last drawing step all you have to do is draw the rest of the legs and then the feet and or paws. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one and then move to the final art step.


This is what your finished drawing from this tutorial on "how to draw Riolu, step by step". Color in your Pokemon and you are really all done.

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December 25, 2009

Description: I swear this is the last Pokemon character that I will draw and submit for a while. I'm just trying to fill some old requests that was made a while back. With this next lesson I will show you “how to draw Riolu, step by step”. I really don't know too much about this Pokemon because I never got into the series that much. I'm sure that any of you fans out there will know who this blue dog like character is. Riolu is made up of two main colors, blue and black. He looks like an anthro dog that has long ears, orange colored eyes, and a yellow colored collar. As you can tell from the tutorials main picture, this Pokemon species is full of joy, very playful, and extremely energetic. No one knows where this specie of Pokemon resides because it is still considered a rear being, which means the location of Riolu is really unknown. Anyway, drawing this character wasn't too hard because it was like drawing a cartoon style dog. Coloring Riolu was pretty fun because I didn't have to go over board with the detailing, and shading. Drawing Pokemon characters is still something that is incredibly fun, as well as challenging. I know if you are a Pokemon fan, you will have fun learning “how to draw Riolu, step by step”. I will be back in a little while because I still have much more on the way for you all to have fun with. Peace out all you Pokemon lovers, and happy drawing!

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