How to Draw Jigglypuff

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To draw Jigglypuff, all you will need to do is draw a big circle shape for the Jigglypuffs head, and body. Next draw the facial guidelines and then add the lines for it's cat like ears.


You will now use the facial guidelines that you drew in step one to draw two more circles for the eyes, and then draw a swirled curl in front of the Pokemon's face.


Thicken the lining for Jigglypuff's head and then draw out the shape of the short, stubby ears. Draw the inside lining for the ears and then start the shapes for the hands.


You have already reached your last drawing step. All you have to do now is draw an inner circle inside of the eye, and then add a dash for a mouth. Next finish drawing the shape of Jigglypuff's arms and then draw the small feet. Erase all the guideli   


Now that you are done learning "how to draw Jigglypuff, step by step", you are now ready to color it pink. I hope you had fun, and make sure you join me again.

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December 28, 2009

Description: Remember when the Pokemon series first came out as an animated TV show? Well, for those of you that are not as old as me, I can certainty remember the first time that Pokemon started to become a new phenomenon almost everywhere. The best part about the beginning series of Pokemon was the Pokemon themselves. There was what you would call the “original Pokemon” that stared in the series, and that is what you will be getting a lesson on today. So strap on your pencils to your fingers, and jump up and down because you are now going to learn “how to draw Jigglypuff, step by step”. Jigglypuff is a Balloon Pokemon, and he is extremely cute and airy. These characters are all pink in color and they also have cat like ears and very big bright eyes. As you can imagine, Jigglypuff have balloon textured bodies, and they also have an adorable curled swirl on their forehead. One of their more popular abilities is their singing capabilities. They sing such soothing songs, that they can put anything they sing to asleep. Jigglypuffs are a very cunning species and they make good companions for their trainers. They are one of the most recognizable Pokemon species in existence and when you see one, they will usually be accompanied with their trademark microphones. I have to float out of here for now but I will be back. This time I will return with two exciting tutorials that I know you guys will love. Have fun learning “how to draw Jigglypuff, step by step”. Adios me amigos, and happy drawing!

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