How to Draw Chibi C-3PO

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Okay guys are you ready? Start with the large oversized guide for the head and then draw out the facial guidelines.


You will now use the facial guides to draw out the actual droid shape of C-3PO's chibi face/head.


Up next draw out the shapes for each eye and then draw in the pattern that is on the inside of the eye. This is the pupils and the depth of the sockets themselves. Before leaving this step you will want to draw in the hollow for a nose and then the l   


I like to call this part of 3PO his headband. Go ahead and draw the added structure that makes up the whole head of 3PO. Add the bolts on the sides as well.


Let's draw the body next. Instead of making a neck for chibi C-3PO, I chose to make a floating style concept that has the illusion of a neck by coloring the inside of the cavity black. This creates a shadow that could hold a number of ideas as to wha   


Finish off drawing chibi C-3PO by creating the waits, torso, hips and legs. Add the detailing to his droid created body before erasing the mistakes and guides.


When you are done this is what his design looks like. Chibi C-3PO is ready to color in and shown off.

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December 15, 2021

Description: Hello once again and welcome back to another lesson that is on how to draw chibi C-3PO, step by step. This is another one of my favorite lessons. I love how he has the expression typical of C-3PO. A very cute and mild mannered droid with brains and caution to match. I do hope that you guys enjoyed these lessons on your favorite Star Wars characters in chibi form. I know I had a blast with drawing them all.

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