How to Draw Chibi BB8

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Start with a round ball like you see here.


Next, draw the top half of BB8's chibi body which is the head. Draw in one round lens which acts as an eye and then the camera lens off to the lower right side.


Now you can add the lines that run across the top of the dome and then draw in the antenna.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw the design pattern on the body of BB8. This is the complete creation of chibi BB8 from Star Wars. Erase the mistakes if you made any.


That's it, you are all done. Now you can color in BB8 and bring him to life. Don't forget to comment, share and love this lesson.

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June 19, 2019

Description: Hey guys. I'm back with the rest of my Star Wars chibi lessons so here is how to draw chibi BB8, step by step. This robot from Star Wars is almost like R2, but the only difference is BB8 is round and gets around like a rolling ball. He was a lot of fun to create in chibi form (although it may not seem like he is chibi form) and I think you will have a blast recreating this Star Wars robot in the style shown. I kept the lesson simple enough for people of all skill levels to tackle, so go ahead and give it a go. Let me know if there are other lessons you would like to see on your favorite character chibi style.

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