How to Draw Chibi Darth Vader


Let's get started shall we? Begin with a big head shape and then draw the body guide. You will finish this step by drawing the guidelines for the face, arms and legs.


Define the shape of Vader's chibi sized face and be sure to add the small circles for the vent pockets.


Now you can use the guidelines to draw out the shapes of the eyes and then the vertical lines for the mask formation.


Now we can begin draw the out the shape and style of Vader's helmet which resembles the German helmet seen on German soldiers. Take your time, don't rush.


Go ahead and draw in chibi Vader's shoulders and torso and also add more vertical lines for the detailing of his suit.


You can draw the arms and the claw like shaped hands. Add detailing and crinkles on the wrist area.


Simply draw out the saber and then you're done here.


Lastly, draw in the cape and then draw the rest of the body which is the rest of the torso and then the legs. Be sure to add the control box on his chest and add definition to the pants and boots. Erase whatever mistakes you might have made as well.


That's it, you are all done drawing chibi Darth Vader. All you have to do is add some color to bring this Sith or Dark Jedi to life. Be sure to comment, share, fav or love this lesson.

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June 20, 2019

Description: I don't know if I've ever made a lesson on one of the most popular characters from Star Wars, but here he is now in his adorable but lethal chibi form. Today I will be showing you how to draw chibi Darth Vader, step by step. Vader is by far one of my favorite characters from the Star Wars franchise. He is ruthless, but still has a heart under that tough exterior. There is a lot going on with Vader and you would have to watch all the movies about three times before you understand why he is the way he is. I for one had so much fun turning this ruthless Dark Jedi or Sith (whichever you want to label him) into an adorable chibi form of himself and I know you will too. So go ahead and get busy with drawing chibi Star Wars characters, Darth Vader. I will be back with more so don't go away.

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