How to Draw a Polterpup, Luigis Mansion Dark Moon

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Draw a large circle for the head and a smaller for the body. Add facial guidelines, then move to step two.


Define the shape of the head like so, and make sure that the lining at the bottom of the face is thinner than the head shape.


Draw out the oval shapes of the eyes, then draw the hump for the nose.


Draw the big friendly smile that makes up the face and expression. He should also have his tongue sticking out too.


Just like real pups, Polterpup's have dog collars. Draw the collar on this ghost dog then move to the next step.


Draw the front legs, paws, and some of the chest. Draw the back and tail as well as the butt end. Add a line for for the back crease, then erase the mistakes and all.


When your drawing is cleaned up you should end up with a drawing like you see here. Color him in and you're done.

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March 25, 2013

Description: It's not often that I get requests to make lessons based on characters from one of Luigi's game series. Today I will fill a request and show you "how to draw a Polterpup", step by step. These adorable doggies are exactly what they look like, ghost K-9s. These ghostly dogs are found in 'Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon' game. They aid Luigi in more ways than one. They can carry items for him like keys and gold dog bones. They can also give life back to Luigi by restoring his hit points but this can only happen if Luigi has a gold dog bone. Anyways, drawing a Polterpup is going to be exciting and fun. I know you will be amped to tackle this lesson because drawing Mario or Luigi characters always is. Adios people and enjoy.

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