How to Draw Goombella, Goombella


Draw the shape of the head, sketch in the facial guidelines, then draw the body shape.


Sketch out the actual shape of the face, then draw in the hat lie line.


You will define the shape of the body, followed by the scarf.


Finish drawing out the hat, followed by her minor's light. Draw the long ponytail and then move to step five.


Detail the lining to form the glass of the light, then draw in her eyes, lashes and eyebrows.


Almost done folks. Add the small shapes for her cheeks, then draw the mouth, tooth, and tongue. Color in one pupil, then add a squinted eye for the right side.


Lastly, draw out Goombella's feet and erase the mistakes.


Here is the line art people. Color in your character then you're done.

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April 6, 2013

Description: Here is another familiar face from Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door. This last Mario related tut will leave you with a skill that will enable you to draw Gombella. She is a very serious figure and companion to Mario's group or team. She is introduced in the beginning of the game when Mario sees her getting harassed or attached by Lord Crump. Of course with Mario being a hero and all, he stepped in and helped Goombella to temporally defeat Lord Crump. Anyhow, have fun recreating Goombella. I think I might return with one more tut for you guys. Adios mi amigos.

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