How To Draw Logan Walker Call Of Duty Ghosts


Start off with an outline:) P.S. So sorry if you can't see it!:(


Bold the outline in a darker pencil or pen:) either works but if it is your first time doing something like this I'd recommend using a pencil;) Then lightly shade in around his right eye with a regular pencil:) And add dimension to his eyeball:)


Then do the same as you did with the right eye, to the left eye:)


Make the left eye way darker(cause the left side of his face is heavily shadowed) and for this I used a black pastel chalk, but if you don't have that a 6B pencil works just as good:) TIP: use a makeup smudge tool or a Q-Tip dipped in rubbing alco   


Now using a brown pencil color his eyes:) And make lines where there will be shading and I'll tell you why in the next step:D


Now using one of methods listed in step four, smudge the lines you made around the eyes:D


Shade all around the white part of his mask, making sure to shade a little more towards the left:)


Shade outside of the mask a little(we want the left side submerged in the shadows) Another shadow method I use is if you shave some of the lead from a 6B pencil(or any other really) onto a cotton ball and swirl it around on the paper it will create   


Start shading in his jacket collar:) I'm using a 6B pencil:) P.S. Again sorry it's side ways:(


Now draw "lightly" lines running vertical, this will be a base for the mask texture we will be doing:D


Then make lines that look almost like a pattern called herringbone, this gives it a knitted effect and will make it look more real:) of course that also is very time consuming so if you wish to just do the light vertical lines it still looks real tha   


Fill the entire white part of the mask with the herringbone pattern:D


Create a smoke effect using the lead cotton ball method listed in the eighth step:) and you're done!!:D I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you have tips on how I can improve on my tutorials please lists your comments below! Thanks! Xoxo,    

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February 13, 2014

Description: This is a request tutorial for Logan Walker from COD: Ghosts! And I will give you some advice this is a challenge:) so practice makes purrrfect=^.^= anyway I hope you all enjoy this tutorial and hope you all have a magical day! Xoxo, Kat

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